Taking Drugs for Acid Reflux?

Recent research has shown that the overconsumption of acid blocking medications can cause long term health problems.


When you download my free guide, How to Stop Acid Reflux with REAL Broths and Soups, you’ll learn a much healthier and safer approach!


Hi there, I’m Craig Fear, and I worked with clients with chronic acid reflux for many years as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Part of my protocol was to teach EVERYONE how to make their own broths and soups because they contain many anti-inflammatory, gut-soothing qualities.

Included in this free guide are 12 simple heartburn-busting broth and soup recipes to get help you get started right way.  

I’ll also send you additional tips for stopping chronic acid reflux and making broths and soups a more regular part of your diet. 

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