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New England Soups from the Sea

From Rhode Island to Maine—80 locally inspired seafood soup recipes that honor the coastal traditions of America’s northeast.

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Soups to Awaken Our Connection to the Sea

Few soups conjure as much New England nostalgia as clam chowder. But the northeast coast of America offers up so much more than this traditional favorite. 

From clam chowder’s regional cousins in Rhode Island and Maine to the little-known  Portuguese-style clam chowder to traditional staples like Lobster Bisque and Oyster Stew to fresh new flavors like Autumn Monkfish Soup and Mussels Dijonnaise Soup, this comprehensive seafood cookbook will help expand your soup horizons and awaken the ancient connection to the sea.

Complete with 80 wide-ranging recipes for broths, stocks, chowders, bisques, stews, and boils, as well as 33 native fish and shellfish profiles, and advice on how to support your local fisherman, New England Soups from the Sea simultaneously embraces the locavore movement and sustainable seafood to help buoy your seafood knowledge both inside and outside the kitchen.

Paired with bright photography and the welcoming voice of a local New Englander, New England Soups from the Sea boils all the charm of a seaside town into delicious, warming flavors.

Praise for New England Soups from the Sea

New England Soups from the Sea is a compelling love letter to the tastes and traditions of a unique place. Craig Fear respects history while presenting these recipes with contemporary appeal. I can almost smell sea-fragrant steam rising from these pages like sea smoke rising off a quaint New England harbor.


Seafood Chef/Author/Speaker
Author of American Seafood and The Joy of Seafood

New England Soups from the Sea is a beautiful representation of what a New England cookbook should be. Understanding and honoring the past of this iconic region's cuisine is vital to its future. Craig does an amazing job of describing the diversity of the New England waters and the cultures that helped shape how we eat on this coast. The book provides the building blocks and steps to make these delicious recipes successful.


Chef/Owner, Row 34
Author of The Row 34 Cookbook and The New England Kitchen

If you want authenticity, New England Soups from the Sea is the cookbook for you, starting with carefully made stocks and broths. This book deserves a place in the collections of all serious cooks and chefs.


President, The Weston A. Price Foundation
Author of Nourishing Broth and Nourishing Traditions

In New England Soups from the Sea, I love that I can find recipes for everything from the traditional New England species I grew up with and love such as lobster, soft-shell clams, and haddock, to some of my more recent favorites like skate, black sea bass, squid, Jonah crab, and scup! Additionally, as someone who also very much cares about sustainability, I appreciate that the book celebrates New England fisheries which have continued to work hard to protect and preserve our seafood resources while feeding so many people.


Executive Director, Eating with the Ecosystem
Author of Simmering the Sea

A Look Inside New England Soups from the Sea

18 Chowder Recipes from New England’s Past and Future!
  • 6 regional clam chowders including Rhode Island’s dairy-free chowder and a completely new style of chowder from Connecticut
  • 6 fish chowders including the Classic New England Whitefish Chowder and a luscious Bluefish Chowder with Cherry Tomatoes
  • 6 shellfish chowders including a succulent Lobster Corn Chowder and a Mussel Chowder with Fennel

Photo by Lynne Graves

Photo by Lynne Graves

27 Simple Brothy Soup Recipes to Inspire Your Love of the Sea
  • Old-school New England favorites including Oyster Stew, Maine Lobster Stew (pictured), and a seafood-inspired take on Portuguese Kale Soup
  • Creative new flavors including a New England-Style Hot and Sour Soup with Scallops and a Pesto Noodle Soup with Striped Bass
  • Learn to diversify and expand your seafood choices with recipes that include 12 species of New England fish and 8 species of New England shellfish.
9 Luscious Seafood Bisque Recipes
  • Demystify making bisques at home with simple instructions and guidelines. Traditional favorites include Lobster Bisque (pictured) and Crab Bisque.
  • Quick and easy recipes including Scallop Bisque with Sage and a Salmon Bisque with Dill.
  • Includes a simple technique to make all bisques gluten-free!

Photo by Lynne Graves

portuguese clam stew

Photo by Lynne Graves

10 Seductive Symphonies of the Sea
  • Learn how to make classic stews and medleys that meld multiple types of seafood, vegetables, herbs, and spices into some truly magnificent dishes.
  • 5 New England-style medleys including Cioppino and Zarzuela
  • 5 zesty Portuguese stews from New England’s southern coast including a Simple Portuguese Clam Stew (pictured) 
  • Includes guidelines to improvise any stew recipe and tweak it to your taste!

8 Seafood Boil Recipes for Festive Feasts and Special Occasions
  • Features a Traditional New England Clam Boil with potatoes, onions, corn, and sausage (pictured) 
  • Includes a simple Midwestern-inspired Fish Boil featuring local New England fish (and lots of lemon and butter!)
  • Includes a seasonal clam boil recipe that can be tweaked four different ways to suit all four seasons!

Photo by Lynne Graves

Photo by Lynne Graves

8 Sublime Seafood Broths and Stocks
  • Learn why seafood broths are easier and more affordable to make than chicken and beef broths.
  • Includes simple guidelines for sourcing and preparing each type of broth and stock
  • Recipes include Fish Stock, Lobster Stock, Crab Stock, Clam Broth (pictured), and Mussel Broth
  • Includes time-saving techniques as well as suitable store-bought substitutes

About the Author

Craig Fear is a food writer and cookbook author. His extensive travels in southeast Asia kickstarted his love of broth and soup over 20 years ago. They eventually led to his first two cookbooks, Fearless Broths and Soups and The Thai Soup Secret

Craig grew up on the coast in the northeast and has traveled to Cape Cod every year for over two decades, sampling every style of seafood soup he could find. He also lived briefly in the seaside town of Homer, Alaska, where he learned he was more adept at writing about seafood than catching it. 

He now lives in Southampton, Massachusetts, and shares recipes on his website, Fearless Eating.

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