Why I Spent $50 on Soup and Why You Should Too

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Tonight I spent $50 on soup. No joke. When you break down the cost, ingredient by ingredient, you'll understand why you should also spend $50 on soup.

Last night I spent $50 on soup.

No joke.

I made a seafood cheddar corn chowder.

Here’s the cost ingredient by ingredient:

Add it all up and you get $50.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  I shelled out a lot of moola for those ingredients.  No doubt, you could certainly spend a little less if you’re not as anal as I am about shopping organic.

But before you call me an elitist food snob, let’s keep breaking it down (and you can probably see where I’m going with this).

From those ingredients I made a MONSTER pot of soup (and I really mean MONSTER).

There was so much soup that my five and a half-quart stock pot couldn’t hold it all.  I had to transfer some of it to a smaller pot.

Now I will get AT LEAST 10 meals out of this.

So I’ll freeze half and get about 5 meals out of it this week.

So let’s do more math.

10 meals divided by $50 equals $5 per meal.

Let me repeat that – $5 per meal!

That’s incredible when you consider the quality of the ingredients and the most important thing of all…

It was friggin’ AMAZING!

So rich and hearty, so creamy and cheesy and SO incredibly satisfying.

And contrary to what Dr. Oz (and all those conventional doctors and dietitians) will tell you, SO INCREDIBLY HEALTHY.

I’ve found on average that most home-cooked meals I make with good quality ingredients come out to  about $5 per meal.

And yet, people complain about the cost of organic food but then spend twice as much on fast food or take out.

The moral of the story?  Learn to cook and you may be able to afford more good quality food than you think.

Your health just may improve as well.

This is why my new e-book, The 30-Day Heartburn Solution, is more than just about heartburn.  It’s also about REAL FOOD and teaching people strategies to cook things in a way that makes most efficient use of their moola and their time.

Like making seafood cheddar corn chowder.

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