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OK, confession.

I’d originally planned this as a Valentine’s Day Couples Weight Loss special.

And then I thought that telling your significant other that you’re buying him/her a weight loss program for Valentine’s Day is probably not the best way to say “I love you.”

Not unless you want to get yourself killed (especially if you’re a man).

So I thought I’d avoid a lawsuit and make it a 2-for-1 special and offer it to any two people that would like to do the program together.

Because when I teach my 3 month Get At The Roots group weight loss program, without a doubt, EVERY time, it is the couples that do the program together that do the best.   And by couples, I don’t just mean married couples.  I also mean friends, family members and co-workers.

They support each other.  They cook together.  They hold each other accountable.  They lose weight together.

But as I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve created some new programs to accommodate those that can’t invest the time in a longer program, don’t like the group setting or don’t live in western MA!  For now the Get At The Roots group program is only taught in-person.   As such, I’ve created a new 30-day weight loss program that is ideal for those that want a quicker start on their weight loss journey. 

Here’s some details:

  • Introduction to Healthy Weight Loss Packet covering the three most basic concepts of healthy weight loss with meal ideas and meal planning strategies to get you started quickly and easily.
  • A copy of Nourishing Traditions traditional foods cookbook which we’ll use together for education, meal planning and recipes (for in-person sessions only).
  • 3 in-person or phone sessions.
  • Weekly meal plans.
  • Unlimited email support for duration of the program.

So on that note, starting today, and ending  next Friday, March 1st,  I’m offering my 30 day Fearless Eating Weight Loss Program to any two people at HALF OFF.  The regular cost is $299 per person for a total of just under $600. 

But until Friday, you can do it at TOTAL cost of $299 which is just under $150 per person.

Want to kick start your weight loss journey together?

Call 413-559-7770.  Or email craig@pvnutritionaltherapy.com.


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