Top Five Fearless Links of September


"Balancing on the Brink." Eagle Peak summit, Chugach Mountains, Alaska

Welcome to the second edition of my new monthly feature where I highlight some of my favorite fearless links from the previous month.  These links challenge the nutritional status quo like the belief that saturated fat and cholesterol are going to kill you. 

They also challenge you to step out of the industrial food system, to support local farms and maybe even to cook more.   And along the way they may even challenge you to reclaim your health through REAL food. 

If you find something that resonates here, please pass it along! 

But before I look back at September, two quick notes about October.

New Online Class Coming Soon!

First, I am excited (and only slightly scared) to announce that I’ll be starting production of my first online class!    I’ll be ramping things up real soon so you may not hear from me as much as usual in the coming weeks.

Wish me luck.

Proposition 37

Second, the real food community will be turning our attention to California this month.  Proposition 37, the ballot initiative to mandate labeling of genetically modified foods hits the home stretch.  This is one of the most, if not the most important vote we’ve ever seen regarding the future of food (and our health)!

And that’s why I’m starting out my top five list with….

The Most Fearless Link of September

1.  To learn why this is such an important and historic vote please watch Genetic Roulette, the new documentary about  GMO foods.   It could be the most important movie you ever watch.

Best of the Rest

My other four favorites from September, in no particular order:

2. Think fat-free milk is healthy?   Butter Believer hits another home run with this great post that explains why skim milk is NOT a health food.

3.  Real Food Forager offers an insightful perspective for the alarming increase in autism rates:   Could autism be an autoimmune disease?

4.  What are fermented foods?  All of my nutritional therapy clients learn about the benefits of fermented foods.  Homemade Mommy does a nice job explaining what they are and why they’re so important to good health.

5.  All of my clients also learn about the benefits of bone broth.  Nourished Kitchen explains why making it at home will save you money and quite possibly your health.

Top 5 favorite recipes of September

I would be remiss not to include links to my favorite recipes as well!

1.  The Best Butternut Squash Soup by Holistic Kid

2. Maple-Vanilla Hot Cocoa by Honest to Goodness Living

3. Homemade Tater Tots by The Coconut Mama

4. Coconut Fish Soup by Nourishing Joy

5. Bread Pudding by The Mommypotamus

 What did you read this month?  Share your favorite fearless links in the comments below.

Photo credit:  Balancing on the Brink by Paxson Woelber on flickr

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