The #1 Worst Food You Could Eat


This past weekend, millions around the world marched to protest Monsanto, the giant chemical company that is the worldwide leader in producing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the herbicide (Roundup) that GMOs require.

I was proud to attend a local march here in western MA.  On an unusually cold (46 degrees!) and very rainy late-May day over 200 people packed a small church in Chicopee, MA to demonstrate. 

We watched a documentary about GMOs before taking to the street with our signs and protest chants.

Here are some pictures I took from our local march:

 Science Experiment III

monsanto poisons everything

92 Percent

Google GMO

MP Act Biohazard


bees and butterflies


organice for our people and planet


I speak for the seeds

cereal killer II

Finally, this great image from The Yardener wasn’t from my local march but my personal favorite from the hundreds of photos I saw on Facebook:

the yardener

Why did millions  march?

Evidence is mounting that these GMO frankenfoods can cause major health issues.  They were deceptively introduced into our food supply in the mid-1990s and have coincided with dramatic increases in the digestive issues, food allergies, reproductive problems and autism.

Foods containing GMOs have never been proven safe (despite what Monsanto tells you) and yet you are more than likely eating them every day.  They are in virtually EVERYTHING – your breakfast cereal, your mayonnaise, your salad dressings, your potato chips and your ice cream to name just a few.  But you don’t know it because they are not labeled and that’s how Monsanto wants it to remain.  Dozens of countries around the world are not only labeling GMOs but outright banning them due to concerns to both public and environmental health.

In fact, I believe they are the very worst food you could possibly eat.  My purpose in this blog post is not to delve into why but rather to implore you to PLEASE educate yourself on this issue.  Luckily, there’s a great resource to get you up to speed fairly quickly.

A good starting point would be the film Genetic Roulette. 

genetic roulette

You can rent it on Amazon for only $2.99.  Better yet, purchase the DVD to show it to your friends and family or maybe even organize a community screening.  Many are using this film as a way to educate others, raise awareness and to push for mandatory labeling laws in their states. 

If you’re in western MA, I have set up a community screening at Forbes Library in Northampton on July 29th at 6:30pm.  More screenings are being organized. Please check out the Facebook pages below to stay up to date.

Because when you watch this film you will be shocked and outraged.  Really, what Monsanto is doing is like something out of a science fiction movie.  They are literally trying to take over the entire global food supply and their methods are nothing short of bone-chilling.  Initially you may think, “OH. MY. GOD.  There’s NO WAY this can possibly be real.”

Educating yourself about GMOs can be overwhelming and perhaps even depressing.  But the good news is that public awareness is growing.  This past weekend’s marches are a good indication of that as this sign from Occupy Monsanto attests:

occupy monsanto

Stay informed on social media

Chances are though you didn’t see any coverage of the global protest in the mainstream media.   But perhaps you saw a friend or two posting about it on Facebook?   As of now social media is the best way to stay informed and learn more.

In fact, I just heard the next March Against Monsanto has already been planned for May 24th for next year:

2014 march

To stay connected and find local groups in your area check out the following Facebook pages:

Occupy Monsanto

Institute for Responsible Technology

Millions Against Monsanto

Finally, if you’re in western MA, please “like” the following Facebook pages:

Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs

GMO Free Massachusetts

Fearless Eating

Did I miss any? 

It seems like every day I find another anti-GMO campaign or non-profit working to raise awareness about this very important issue. 

Please share any other Facebook pages or resources in the comments.  And if you marched, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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