Get Your Fats Straight by The Healthy Home Economist


It’s mind boggling to me how confused everyone is these days on the issue of fats.

As a perfect example, I’ll never forget the nurse that took my my weight loss program a few years ago.

You see, right from the start I educate the class on why eating healthy fats boosts metabolism, reduces sugar cravings and promotes weight loss.  She dropped out after three weeks because she told me that the mental conditioning that fats cause weight gain and disease was too great for her to overcome.

That is CRAZY!   Especially because she already was overweight.

But this is a perfect example of how out of touch we’ve become as a society when it comes to eating fat.

We’re so stuck in our heads that we’ve lost touch with what our bodies really want and need.  As a perfect example, EVERYBODY likes the taste of butter over margarine, of whole milk over skim milk, of a juicy marbled steak over a lean one. What can I say about Viagra? When you reach a certain age, erectile enhancement drugs become an obligatory part of your sexual life. But don’t you worry, it’s not as grim as it may seem. After your physician establishes a correct dose, you can count on quite a performance in bed. These pills help me a great deal, so it’s very likely they will help you as well.

Yet millions choose the less appetizing choices out of a belief that they’re healthier.  

This is insane.

With all the mixed messages from doctors, the media and the food industry it’s no wonder everyone is so confused.

That’s why Sarah Pope of the The Healthy Home Economist wrote her new book, Get Your Fats Straight.

get your fats straight

Sarah does a great job cutting through a lot of scientific dogma and research to help you understand how and why we were all misled into thinking that fats are bad for us.

What You’ll Learn

  • why traditional fats do not cause heart disease and weight gain
  • why you should ditch newfangled fats like Smart Balance and Earth Balance
  • why you should eat more butter and good brands to purchase
  • how three simple fats can make a tremendous difference in your health
  • the truth about fish oils and the best types to use as supplements
  • why saturated fat and cholesterol do not cause heart disease
  • the truth about saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
  • the truth about olive oil
  • 10 simple recipes using healthy, traditional fats

Sarah presents the science of nutrition in a clear and easy to understand manner.  Furthermore, she will inspire you to look at your kitchen in a totally new and different way.

She writes:

“Your kitchen is your sanctuary – a sacred domain in which you have complete quality control over what’s produced.  There’s so much more to it than a pile of dirty dishes!  A few, simple adjustments can have a life-changing impact on your health and that of your family.”

Why You Need This Book

  • you want to lose weight
  • you want more energy (which healthy fats provide lots of!)
  • you have kids and want to feed them better quality food
  • you want a simple, concise guide to help you learn more about real, traditional foods
  • you want to stop being afraid of fat!

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