The 5 Food Pillars for Good Digestive Health

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pic of butter to represent good digestive health

If you’ve ever been confused about what to eat (and who hasn’t these days), I have good news for you.  That confusion will be coming to an end.


Because once you see the second video, “The Five Food Pillars for Good Digestive Health,” in my 3-part video series for how to restore digestive wellness, the truth of nutrition will set you free.

No more diets. No more detox shakes. No more soul-numbing low-fat and fat-free foods. No more denying yourself.

And for god’s sake… no more tofu burgers.

Seriously, it’s absolutely mind boggling what a mess we’ve made of food and nutrition in the past 100 years or so.

And I’m not just talking about obvious things like Fruit Loops and Twinkies.

I’m also talking about the photo above of the two types of butter.

They are very different types of butter. One is beneficial to your health and one is not.

After you see video #2, you’ll understand exactly which one to consume and which one to avoid.

How to Restore Digestive Wellness Video #2: The 5 Food Pillars for Good Digestive Health

This video is really the essence of the 3-part video series as I’ll be detailing exactly WHAT to eat and why.

Here’s a just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • A remarkable doctor who found the truth of what to eat and why
  • Why dentists have been unnecessary for most of human history
  • Pictures of specific foods in your local supermarket that you want to avoid and pictures of specific foods you want to consume
  • How the 5 food pillars restore digestive health
  • 3 big ideas to get started on your journey to digestive wellness

It’s also the longest of the 3 videos so be sure to watch it when you can really digest (lame pun intended) the material.

Video #1 was “Why Poor Digestive Health Manifests“, an important precursor to understanding the material in today’s video (though I do review the key points at the beginning).

OK, let’s get started with video #2, “The 5 Food Pillars for Good Digestive Health!”


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Pic of two sticks of butter to represent good digestive health

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