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t-shirt to support farm to consumer legal defense fund

There’s very little that can make me give up watching football on Sundays.

But this past Sunday was perhaps one of the better reasons I gave up watching my beloved New York Giants.

volunteering with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

That’s me volunteering at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund table at the regional Weston A. Price conference in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

All weekend long I answered questions and encouraged conference attendees to sign up to become members.

I also helped sell T-shirts, bumper stickers, DVDs and books which also helped raise money.  That picture of the T-shirt above was by far the best-selling T-shirt at the conference.

I even sold one to a dietitian who told me she’s disgusted by My Plate (the standardized government food regulations) and the nutrient-deficient industrialized food she is forced to give to patients in hospitals.

There’s A LOT of dietitians that feel that same way.

But seriously, isn’t that a GREAT T-shirt?  Well you can get it over at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund website.

They have an online store where you can check out all their fun and creative merchandise.

But what’s even better than buying a T-shirt is buying a membership.

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund memberships are only $50 a year and you’re supporting a vitally important non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting small family farms that grow their food honestly and sustainably.  And what that means is that they’re also protecting YOUR RIGHT to choose what food you want to feed your family.

I promise you that Big Ag is working hard to give you NO CHOICE but to buy their processed frankenfood.  And they’ve already been quite successful at it.

Many people live in “food deserts” a term that refers to geographic areas with little to no access to good quality food.  An overwhelming majority of supermarket food contains GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings.  The 40,000 or so products in the average mega-supermarket may look like a choice but they’re just different forms of nutrient-deficient, industrialized food.

And those foods are making us sick.

How the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund Protects Us

The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund defends small family farms, raw milk dairies and artisan food producers from unfair and burdensome government regulations so that we the consumers can continue to access those foods in our communities.

These laws and regulations often favor large-scale agricultural producers that care nothing for the land, the food they grow (including animals) or the people who consume it.

Major food recalls are now commonplace be it lettuce, apples, tomatoes, peanut butter, beef or melons.  These are always the realm of industrial food production and yet it is the small-scale sustainable producers that are often targeted for food safety issues where no violations exists.  And sometimes they are even targeted through force.  Yes, armed raids on raw milk dairy farms are not uncommon, including the Amish.

The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund defends these farms from government harassment and gives them a voice.

And they do it for almost nothing.  They literally provide legal representation to small farms for just the cost of a membership.  But as they operate solely through donations and membership fees (with no government funding) they desperately need our support to continue to do this.

So please consider joining today.

Our Small Farms Need Your Help

In fact, this past weekend when I was volunteering, I was shocked to learn just how few members are part of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Considering they’re a nation-wide organization and considering the heightened public awareness of sustainable, organic agriculture, I figured membership would be in the tens of thousands and the donations would be flooding in.

Nope. Not even close.

So they really need your help.  And by “they” what I also mean is the farms and farmers who sell you REAL food –  crops grown without pesticides and animals raised humanely, on pasture.

For the overwhelming majority of small farms, legal fees can be a death sentence.

So please consider joining today and becoming a member.

Be a Local Hero

Because the older I get the more I see who our true heroes are in this country and they’re definitely not entertainers and athletes (and certainly not football players).

Where I live there’s a popular bumper sticker you’ll see that says, “Be a Local Hero.”  That’s referring to not just the local farmers but also the consumers that support them!

So please do me, yourself, your farmer and everyone else who eats a favor and be a local hero today.

Click here to sign up to become a member of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.


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