Bourride: A Classic French Monkfish Stew You Need to Try

| Seafood Recipes

Bourride (pronounced “boo-reed-a”) is a French fish stew whose defining feature is an aioli made with olive oil, garlic, lemon, and mustard, that infuses the broth, slightly thickening it into a velvety texture and turning it a gorgeous golden yellow color.  Bourride may not be as famous as Bouillabaisse, its world-renowned French Provencal sibling, but […]

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Is Clam Chowder Healthy? The Answer May Suprise You

| Chowders

Ask a hundred random people, “Is clam chowder healthy?” and I guarantee that around ninety percent would say “No.” Let’s face it, anything that includes cream and bacon is automatically perceived as unhealthy by the majority of people. Overly rich and sludgy canned clam chowder furthers the perception that all clam chowder is unhealthy. As […]

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