Four Asian Bone Broth Lessons to Help You Make More Simple and Creative Broths and Soups

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This past weekend I gave a talk at the annual Nutritional Therapy Conference in Portland, OR about Asian bone broth. In particular, I focused on four lessons that Asian bone broth (and soups) can teach us in the west.

You see, bone broth is SUPER trendy right now. Most of us have lost touch with what used to be a staple in every kitchen in America. Boxed and canned versions, full of flavorings and chemicals have replaced Grandma’s slowly simmering stockpot of nutrient-dense, ultra-flavorful bone broth.

And now, so many of us are re-learning how to make it. And that’s where Asia has so much to teach us!

When I came home from Portland, I recorded my Asian bone broth presentation on my computer and put it up on YouTube so more people can see it. Hope you enjoy it.  See the information below the video for the cliff notes version with corresponding times.

Four Asian Bone Broth Lessons

Asian Bone Broth Lesson #1

Bone Broth is NOT Trendy in Asia!

And that’s because it never went away. This is beyond obvious when you visit so many places in Asia.

Here’s a common scene you’ll see in many Asian street food markets and cafes – bone broth simmering away.

Asian bone broth on the streets of Bangkok

To see more pictures from my recent trip to Thailand, check out from about 5:30 – 13:00 in the video.

Asian Bone Broth Lesson #2

A variety of broths are always used including…

Most of us start out with a chicken broth the first time we attempt to make it at home.  And that’s totally cool.  But there’s a lot more to bone broths than just chicken broth!

Check out from about 13:00 – 23:00 for a visual demo of how to make the one bone broth that is particularly good for thyroid issues, is ridiculously easy to make, and is insanely affordable.

Asian Bone Broth Lesson #3:

Flavor your broth!

Many people complain that their homemade bone broths taste a little plain.  That’s pretty normal actually.  But in Asia, many herbs, spices, and roots are used from the beginning to infuse some incredible flavor into the broth.

Check out about 23:00 – 25:30 for a few simple examples.

Asian Bone Broth Lesson #4:

Simplicity and creativity

So many Asian recipes look a lot more complicated than they are.  In this lesson, I share fifteen super simple Asian-inspired ideas and recipes to help you expand your repertoire of broths and soups.  I also emphasize improvisation to bring more creativity to your kitchen creations.

Check out 25:30 to the end.

Finally, I have written an entire book devoted to making simple bone broths and soups at home.  It includes an entire chapter on Asian soups as well as an entire chapter devoted to the bone broth used in lesson #2.

Click here to check out my book, Fearless Broths and Soups, on Amazon.

Finally, I always learn so much when others share their experiences.  In particular, if you’re from Asia or have traveled there and have something to add to the information I’ve presented here, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments!

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