A New, Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss


Summer sure seems to fly by here in the northeast.   Seems like one minute it’s the Fourth of July and the next it’s Labor Day.  I hope you enjoyed yours and were able to get away for a little bit.

Other than a few glorious days on Cape Cod I spent much of my summer teaching three weight loss classes around the Pioneer Valley.  It was my first time teaching them and I spent tons of time hunkered over my computer preparing for each week’s class.  That’s OK though because I enjoyed teaching them and now that I’ve taught my first round of classes, I feel a lot more confident, prepared and excited to teach them again. I’m also excited to announce the new Fall dates!  And to offer an early bird sign up discount.

But first let me explain very briefly what makes this program different from others.

It’s a new 12 week program called GET AT THE ROOTS and it’s truly different from any other program out there.  Because at its core, it’s not so much about weight loss as it is about getting the body healthy.  When the body becomes healthy, weight comes off naturally and easily.  It does this in two ways:

1) Via food. Class members learn the difference between real food and processed food.  Most Americans have become so disconnected from real food that they don’t know what it is anymore.  For example, breakfast cereal is not real food.  Neither is skim milk, margarine and most vegetable oils.  And then of course there’s the obvious junk that comes out of a box, a can or a drive through window.

There is no calorie restriction.  No counting points. No weighing food.  No pre-packaged meals. No synthetic shakes. No gimmicks. We simply learn what foods to choose that switch the body’s metabolism from fat storing to fat burning.

Exercise is encouraged but not absolutely essential.

Here’s what John Devries, who lost 20 pounds had to say,  “I’ve been exercising regularly for years but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t  losing weight.  With Craig’s program, it became clear and more importantly, easy.  I never went hungry, never felt deprived or bored with my meals.   I will continue to follow these common sense dietary principles for the rest of my life.”

2) Via education. Class members learn to address their underlying issues that prevent both weight loss and good health.  For example, the first four weeks of the program are spent on various aspects of the digestive system and learning how to correct things like heartburn, bloating, IBS, food sensitivities, constipation and yeast overgrowth.   Further modules address fatty acid deficiencies, stress and mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.  For that reason, anyone with a chronic health challenge can do this program.

Here’s what Carol Anderson had to say, “I wanted to lose a little weight but I did this program more to learn more about the connection between diet and health.   Diabetes and heart disease are in my family and I’ve seen the toll it’s taken on my loved ones.  After 12 weeks I lost 6 pounds, my blood pressure went down and I’ve stopped taking my cholesterol meds.  Most importantly, I feel better.  I don’t feel that need for a sugar or caffeine fix in the mid-afternoon anymore.  I’m even sleeping better.”

New classes will start again at the end of September.  The dates, times and locations are listed on the link below.

As for the early bird discount, starting today, September 6th and ending next Monday night, September 12th, anyone who signs up in that time will get one week free on the program.

Space is limited so don’t delay!

All the details are included here:


As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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