The #1 Nutritional Deficiency and How to Reverse It

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The #1 nutritional deficiency is not a mineral or vitamin. In fact, it can't be confirmed by any lab test. But I can confirm it for you.

No, the #1 nutritional deficiency is not any mineral or vitamin.  It’s not omega-3s or any amino acid.  And I promise you’re not going to correct it by eating more kale or drinking more water.

In fact, the #1 nutritional deficiency cannot be confirmed by any scientific study or lab test.

But I can confirm it in my experience.

You see, since I became a Nutritional Therapist back in 2008 I’ve met with hundreds of people around dozens of different health issues – weight loss, digestive issues, skin issues, autoimmune disorders, mental health and so on. And I’ve also reached thousands more through my ebook on heartburn, my online digestive wellness e-course and here on my blog.

Without question, I’ve identified the #1 nutritional deficiency that unites the majority of all health problems.

I call it….


Hypokitchenemia is a deficiency in knowledge for how to cook and prepare nutrient-dense foods in one’s own kitchen.

Now I know, a lack of cooking skills is not technically a nutritional deficiency. But it will certainly lead to them.

The Challenge of Avoiding Hypokitchenemia

A great meme I saw on Facebook recently said, “Maybe we should stop asking why real food is so expensive and start asking why processed food is so cheap.”

We are more disconnected from where our food comes from than ever before in our history.  Almost everything in conventional supermarkets comes from the realm of industrial agriculture, whose goal is not nourishment but rather, cheap, nutrient-deficient food.

And it’s wreaking havoc with our collective health.

On the positive, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of our food supply – GMOs, pesticides, animals raised in factory farms, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, food colorings, preservatives, etc. The list goes on and on.

But the hard part is not waking up to the nightmares of industrial food. The hard part is avoiding it in a fast-paced culture that almost requires it.

And to avoid it, one must learn to cook.  But in today’s world, when the demands on our time and money are viable concerns, we must learn to do it affordably and efficiently.

So in lies the great challenge we all face in reversing hypokitchenemia.

Self included. 

However, there is one key thing we can all start doing to reverse this trend.

How to Reverse the #1 Nutritional Deficiency

In my experience, the best way to do this is to learn how to cook homemade bone broths (also called bone stocks) and soups from scratch.

I believe it to be the foundation for bringing real food into your life in a way that’s doable in the context of our crazy modern day lives.

Once you learn the basics of making them, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can whip up some incredibly hearty, healthy and drop-dead delicious meals.  And you can do it in bulk so that you can have meals ready-made throughout the week.

And you can do it with real food sourced sustainably and cheaply.

It will also supply your body with nutrients that support digestive health, bone health, joint health, insomnia and mental health, to name a few.

In my online digestive e-course I spend an entire module teaching class members about the health benefits of bone broths for chronic digestive issues.  And I include this video for the basics of making chicken and beef stock…

How to Make Chicken and Beef Stock

As you can see, it’s not hard.  But the hard part is not doing it, it’s just getting into a routine of doing it.

But once you do, you’ll have the foundation for dozens if not hundreds of simple meals that are ready in a matter of minutes.

Get Started with Fearless Broths and Soups!

The #1 nutritional deficiency is not a mineral or vitamin. In fact, it can't be confirmed by any lab test. But I can confirm it for you.

My new book, Fearless Broths and Soups, is now available!  I’m so excited to finally release this book and share my love of all things REAL broths and soups.

As the tagline says, I truly wrote this book for “real people on real budgets.”

All of the recipes emphasize simplicity.  They’re geared to all you stressed out moms and dads, workaholics and hypokitchenemics trying to figure out how to eat well with limited funds and time.

But they also emphasize experimentation and improvisation.  All of the recipes include adjustable ingredient amounts and tips for variations to encourage you to improvise and find what you like.

Because cooking is ultimately a creative endeavor!  Learning how to have fun, improvise and come up with your own creations is a great way to reverse the #1 nutritional deficiency.

I guarantee my book will help you do that.

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn:

  • Simple recipes for the most basic homemade bone broths
  • 20 quick and simple Broth for Breakfast recipes for those rushed AM hours
  • 10 simple Creamy Vegetable Soup recipes including Potato Leek and Carrot-Apple
  • 10 Asian Noodle soups including Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese-inspired recipes
  • 10 Soup from the Sea recipes including Cioppino, Clam Chowder and Bouillabaisse
  • 10 simple sausage and meatball soup recipes including Italian Meatball and Portuguese Kale
Click here to see Fearless Broth and Soups on Amazon

The #1 nutritional deficiency is not a mineral or vitamin. In fact, it can't be confirmed by any lab test. But I can confirm it for you.

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  1. Hi! I randomly found your site through google because I have been very sick for a long time, on all sorts of medicines and wanted information on probiotics. I’m younger and my family never really cooked natural stuff and everything I know is processed. Now that I can make my own food decisions I find that your article is 100% true! The real deficiency is in the habits and not learning properly. I love my parents, but I’m finding my palette doesn’t like most of the healthier real foods because it doesn’t even know what real food tastes like and I don’t know how to prepare it. Within one week of trying to change my diet I no longer need a couple of the medications I was on and I am able to run around again! I’ve had to resort to many kid friendly recipes just to be able to like the taste of real food, it’s kinda funny to do, but its working. This is an epidemic size problem, none of my friends know what real food looks like and they think I’m crazy now, yet they wonder why they have no energy. We are sluggish from Hypokitchenemia!!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dani. That mimics my own experience and what countless others have told me. At first, so many are hesitant and even afraid of things like sauerkraut, red meat, bone broths, raw milk and well…just real food. But it doesn’t take long for our taste buds to re-acquaint themselves to things that bring us nourishment and healing.

  2. Lady Ermintrude says:

    Hi Craig

    I’ve bought and read your book on heartburn. I have been drinking fermented ginger beer and eating fermented salsa/sauerkraut. I have been making bone broth and have taken HCl and other supplements you recommend. On the whole my GERD is better (at one point I had such difficulty swallowing they rushed me in for throat cancer tests). But when I eat chicken broth I get terrible ‘bile taste’ in my throat. It happens other times although I can’t pinpoint any particular foods.

    Any ideas??? The consultant wants me to take antacids. I refused. She suggested I took a sodium bicarbonate/seaweed mix but I’m not sure about that. I’d be grateful for any advice you can offer.

    • Hi there, it sounds like you’re possibly reacting to something. Perhaps a food sensitivity or food allergy. I’d recommend avoiding the chicken broth to start and then trying to pinpoint other possible foods. I’d also recommend working with a holistic practitioner to help identify other possible underlying reasons. Best of luck.

  3. Hi,
    I have chronic gastritis with low stomach acid and my lack of hunger and appetite have caused me nutritional deficiencies and nerve damage especially in my brain. I also cannot cook a lot of healthy food, so can you please give me direction how to correct my low stomach acid and if i can reverse my nerve damage and how to do it? I would be extreamly greatful.

    • Hi Kalo, I wrote a book called “The 30-Day Heartburn Solution” which is all about reversing low stomach acid. You can find it on Amazon. Best of luck to you.

  4. I agree; great insight! Bone broths are easy to make; so they help to build a foundation of confidence in the kitchen. No more quart cartons of broth! Nutrient-dense and gratifying, broth sets the stage for all other choices. Thanks, Craig!

  5. The pseudo-gourmet cooks are also in danger of poor nutrition. I mean the cooks who buy all the latest trendy foods and cooking gadgets but don’t have a clue if what they are cooking is really good for them or not. It’s cooking as competition, rather than as healthy sustenance. Definitely sharing your post!

  6. Candy Austin says:

    My food journey began when I was in my 20’s. That was 40 some years ago. I had the privilege of knowing a dear sweet couple who were like grandparents to me. They ‘instructed’ me on the value of home made soups and Other foods. I spent a good portion of my days with them gaining knowlege and because of them my food journey has evolved through the years. My children learned to love home cooking and to this day I am continuing to learn. Folks like you are the brave souls giving of your time and knowlege to help people to see the outstanding quality of eating real food so life can truly be worth living. My mother knew the value if fermented food as well and I was a lover of sauerkraut(not the fake stuff) . My mothers friends couldn’t believe I would eat it along with beets and other foods most kids hated. I am grateful for those old world people in my life and because of them I enjoy a life of drug free existence. No one believes I’ve never taken drugs and especially now in my late 60’s. I have 11 beautiful children and have a quality life. I hope this gives folks out there a springboard to get back into the kitchen and make real meals for their health’s sakes. Bravo to you , Craig for stepping up to the challenge.

    Regards and warm wishes

  7. Jennifer says:

    Well written – thank you. As a mommy of 6 …going on 7, this is so true. I am teaching all my children – boys & girls – the importance of being able to cook from real, wholesome ingredients. Adding bone broth to my husband’s breakfast and dinners has done great things for his digestive system. Keep up the great, encouraging words!


  1. […] Craig Fear from Fearless Eating explains that knowing how to cook is one of the biggest keys for living a healthy life. As soon as you know how to cook then your meals become more balanced and full of nutrients while also eliminating processed ingredients. Knowing how to cook also can help you eat out less, which means you know exactly what is going into your body. Take a look at what else Craig has to say on knowing how to cook right here. […]

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