November Giveaway: Vitamix – $379 Value!

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It’s time for another giveaway here at Fearless Eating and this one is HANDS DOWN the biggest, baddest one EVER!

This month one lucky reader will win a Vitamix Turbo blend 4500 valued at $379!  I’ve partnered up with some fellow real food bloggers to bring you all this awesome prize so that you can have up to ten chances to win by entering on each of our individual blogs.

Vitamix’s are all the rage these days but they sure ain’t cheap!  Of course, that’s because these puppies aren’t your average kitchen blender.  They’re kinda like the space shuttle of the blender world.  They’re virtually indestructible.

What You Can Make With a Vitamix

Best of all, they’re so unbelievable versatile.  Here’s a short list of things you can make in a matter of minutes:

  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Nut Butters
  • Nut milks
  • Hot soups
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Applesauce
  • Flours
  • Dressings
  • Batters

How to Enter to Win

1. Click here to read more about the Vitamix Turbo blend 4500.

2. Subscribe to the Fearless Eating newsletter for all sorts of fun tips and advice on things like fermentation, making soups and stocks, digestive health and overall wellness.

3. Complete the mandatory skill question.  This is some strange rule that we have to include for those in Canada.  I don’t really get it and don’t worry if you don’t know what 1 + 1 equals, but you might not want to be operating a piece of equipment like a Vitamix!  :-)

4. Leave a comment letting us know what you would most like to make with a Vitamix!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to confirm these entries and unlock more!

Be sure to visit all the partnering blogs and sign up through their blogs for additional entries!

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So…Let’s Hang Out

Best of luck!

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  1. Abby Pires says:

    Raw, soaked nut butter!

  2. Jessica Dickson says:

    Smoothies and more nut butters!

  3. raw butter!

  4. Jess Lamson says:

    Smoothies, raw butter, nut butters, coconut flour!

  5. Patty McGill says:

    Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies. And raw butter!

  6. Raw nut butter!!! yay :)

  7. Rhoda Cain says:

    garbanzo burgers

  8. Nut butters! I would love to see how the Vitamix does this! And smoothies, as my current blender is NOT doing such a great job.

  9. Jessica Turner says:

    Almond butter!!

  10. Sarah Doty says:

    I’m going to try cashew butter!

  11. Mary Yarrows says:

    Love Vitamix

  12. I’d make smoothies!

  13. Imre Berty says:


  14. Smoothies and soup!

  15. Almond butter.

  16. Green smoothies!!!!

  17. Placenta medicine :-)

  18. I would puree fruit to make fruit leather


  20. I would make fruit leathers, soups, and butters!!! Juices EVERYDAY

  21. almond milk :)

  22. Britiney Slaughter says:

    Peanut butter and soup and smoothies and . . .

  23. Nut butters!!

  24. Blueberry smoothies, here I come!

  25. Jennifer T says:

    I would make green smoothies and peanut butter.

  26. flours of all types and butters galore

  27. green smoothies and hummus!

  28. Soup!

  29. Renee Hill says:

    OOOOOOOH – almond milk, smoothies, soups, etc, etc. I would make all kinds of things with a Vitamix!!

  30. Nut butters and soups!

  31. I would make green smoothies and pina colada smoothies first.

  32. homemade flour!

  33. Andrew Cutlip says:

    Green smoothies!!

  34. Jason Miller says:

    I am so excited to Win this – I so can’t wait to make a Kale, Mango, Banana smoothie!

  35. I would love to give nut milks a try with the Vitamix. I make most things from scratch, but that is one thing I have never tried.

  36. Linda Jo Davis says:

    Everything!!!! Possibilities are endless with a Vitamix!!!!!

  37. a smoothie… or a milkshake if i’m feeling a little naughty :P

  38. Soup!

  39. I would make fruit purée for baking.

  40. Soft-serv treat made from frozen fruit. Yummmmmm!

  41. Steve George says:

    Great contest, hoping to win and make some smoothies!

  42. Nut Butter

  43. Stephanie Corrales says:

    Went to a friend’s and she made me the most amazing drink from her Vitamix…it had lots of fresh fruit, kale, & some ginger. She told me ever since she got one, her home has become a JUICE home and the smoothies have been replaced permanently. She even made us gazpacho for lunch! I definitely need to get one of these…it’s amazing!

  44. smoothies and soups and baby food, oh my!!!

  45. A smoothie, and then I might try to make some nut butter!

  46. Sharon McLeod-Everette says:

    Ooooh, smoothies, juicing, making nut butters!

  47. Ice cream mix!

  48. It’s awesome to make hamburger meat, nut milk, nut flour… I love it!!!

  49. Would absolutely love to use the Vitamix to make delicious nut butters!

  50. I am really into soups right now. I make my own broth so it would be great to be able to make soups quick and easy.

  51. I want to use it as a grain grinder. I love freshly ground grains.

  52. Smoooothies

  53. Originally posed on Popular Paleo. I’d bust that thing out and immediately make frozen greek yogurt!

  54. lots of smoothies and salsas (um, not together. ew.) :-)

  55. Cashew butter, almond butter, raw milk butter! Thanks for the opportunity

  56. Hummus is wonderful to make, so is home made sprouted breads and soups!

  57. Deborah Rosen says:

    The first thing I’d make is almond milk.

  58. I’d be making smoothies to beat the band!! :D

  59. Nut milk!

  60. I’d make sugar-free green smoothies and nut butters!!!

  61. juice

  62. I would try my hand at smoothies to begin with & work my way through the Vitamix recipes as I get better.

  63. Jannelle Hurney says:


  64. Bert jones says:

    1st I would make applesauce, then, who knows, the possibilities are endless!

  65. Yum

  66. Kathleen Escalera says:

    I would make juices and smoothies and sauces of all kinds

  67. Michelle M. says:

    I would make so many smoothies. I really want to try soup as well!!

  68. I will make peanut butter and almond butter!

  69. Leslie Kiley says:

    I would try a green smoothie

  70. Oh my! So many options. Probably make a nut butter first!

  71. I can’t wait to make me some nut milks, sauces, dips and other lovely things!!

  72. The first dish I would make with my vitamix would be Jalapeno cashew cheese!
    I love creating raw vegan dishes and having a vitamix would allow me to create even more
    raw vegan goodies!

  73. I want to make almond butter for my gluten-free pancakes.

  74. I would make homemade soups and smoothies! Yum! :)

  75. I would make butters and flour for my new GF lifestyle!

  76. Humus!

  77. Marissa W. says:

    I would make peanut butter first.

  78. id love to win the vitamix and experience a true smoothie…not a “lumpy” as i am now forced to choke down…courtesy of my old school blender

  79. Mary McCarthy says:

    I would use a Vitamix every single day! This has been on my wishlist for years.

  80. Soup!

  81. I need a vitamix!!

  82. Amanda Dever says:

    Nut butter!!! Yum Oh and nut flour! :)

  83. Frogs

  84. Coconut butter!

  85. I’ve been wanting one forever

  86. Kabocha soup!

  87. Chrystal Shelley says:

    I want to make my morning smoothie!

  88. S.M.O.O.T.H.I.E!

  89. Debi Marti says:

    I could solve a lot of health issues by winning one of these!

  90. I saw one being demoed and had the best veggie drink I ever had, would love to have one (or two) every day!!

  91. What a generous giveaway! I would love to make nutbutters with a vitamix.

  92. I would love to be able to make Hamas and other raw dips for veggies and fruits, raw sorbees and coconut milk ice creams and soups, nut butters and seed flours and such! That would be a dream come true!

  93. I would love to be able to make Humas and other raw dips for veggies and fruits, raw sorbees and coconut milk ice creams and soups, nut butters and seed flours and such! That would be a dream come true!

  94. nut butters!!

  95. Lisa Francis says:

    I would love to win!! Want to make kefir fruit smoothies for my 2 girls all through the winter, keep us healthy!

  96. Mimi Perez says:

    I’d start with a quick green smoothie then move onto carrot soup!

  97. I’d love to use this to make smoothies and finally try my hand at some homemade nut milks. While I love my whole milk, it’s nice to have other healthy options to mix it up sometimes :)

  98. Janie mills says:

    I would make breakfast smoothies and soups

  99. Almond butter and Smoothies!

  100. I’d like to start out by making quick, healthy soup.

  101. Chocolate hazelnut spread!

  102. Raw buttah! And smoothies! And hummus! And….!

  103. Linda Jo Davis says:

    I have wanted a vitamix for a very long time. I would have to make a pumpkin spice smoothie with cake batter protein powder, almond milk, and pumpkin first!!!

  104. Teresa Palmer says:

    I would love to try my hand at hot soup!

  105. terri ford says:

    I’d grind grains and make shakes. I’d use it for everything for goodness sake :)

  106. I’d make nut butters.

  107. Frozen fruit smoothees! Yummmm!!

  108. Green smoothies and soups

  109. I’ll use it to make coconut milk and bulletproof coffee.

  110. My blender recently gave up the ghost. So missing my smoothies with fresh greens – that would be the first thing I would make.

  111. I would start with sorbet and smoothies

  112. Life from the Ground Up returns an error. I decided to go for the whole enchilada :)

  113. Amanda McCoy says:

    I would make some homemade a soups this winter and smoothies in the summer!

  114. I would love this!!

  115. Kimma Dawn says:

    green monster! Then soup

  116. would love lI’d make coconut butter first, then frozen banana ice cream!

  117. Green smoothies every day

  118. Smoothies, soups and nut butters!

  119. Smoothies and anything else I could think of.

  120. I’d love to make nut butters in it!

  121. I would make soups and smoothies.

  122. Janice Wilson says:

    I would make smoothies and everything else it can do/make1

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