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Dear friend,

My name is Eric Letendre, and I asked my friend, Craig, if I could write this letter.

Let me share my quick story.

I have suffered with stomach problems for years. When I first started having problems, it was called heartburn. Since then, it has been renamed acid reflux, GERD and more.

I started having problems while still in high school. Before I graduated, I was eating Rolaids and Tums like candy. My buddies would go to the local store to buy candy and soda, I would get packs of Rolaids.

This was before the days of Pepcid, Zantac or Prilosec being available over the counter.

My stomach problems continued and I eventually saw a doctor. This was back in the 80’s and the doctor prescribed four different laxatives. For some reason, the doctor believed that I was having a problem with bowel movements and I spent the next two weeks making sure I was close to a bathroom. Two weeks was all I could take and the heartburn was worse than ever.

Over the years, I developed different techniques to combat the acid that would literally make me double over in pain.

I drank gallons of baking soda and water, I started eating more because it would give me temporary relief. I would chug apple cider vinegar with meals when I felt it coming on.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and drive miles to find a 24 hour store to get antacids that I would quickly gobble down.

I’m embarrassed to share this…

During that time, my brother-in-law worked for a large pharmaceutical company and I used to sneak into his medicine cabinet and take some of his Pepcid before it was available over the counter. I am embarrassed to share this, but when you are in pain and can’t find relief, you do things you are not proud of.

This went on for years and then I remember the day I found out Pepcid was available over the counter.

I was like a kid at Christmas.


But that relief came with a price – and I’m not talking about money.

The price I paid was never being able to do anything without having a box of Pepcid close by. I remember taking a boat ride and nearly having a panic attack because I forgot to bring my Pepcid.

This was no way to live, but what choices did I have?

Well, it all changed the day I met Craig Fear and let me be very blunt. When I first scheduled a consultation with Craig, I thought he was nuts.

Seriously, I disagreed with much of what Craig advised me to do. In fact, I left and decided to completely ignore him and continued to suffer.

Luckily, Craig and I belonged to the same networking organization and I would see him on a regular basis. He gently kept asking after my health and reminding me of what steps I should take to help with my stomach issues.

After months of ignoring him, I finally “heard” him. He asked me to do just one thing – that’s it. He asked me to take one small step and report back to him. I halfheartedly agreed and went home and told my wife.

She enthusiastically agreed and we took the one simple step Craig advised.

By the end of the week, a very strange thing happened. I was not reaching for my box of Pepcid. I could go a complete day without having any heartburn.

I honestly couldn’t believe it. How had I gone all those years of suffering and with just one simple suggestion, my heartburn was gone?

My whole opinion about Craig’s advice changed. I wanted to know more and Craig gave me a complete step-by-step plan that would not only relieve my heartburn but would also help heal my stomach.

That plan is now available. It’s Craig’s new book.

30-Day Heartburn Solution

The 30-Day Heartburn Solution - buy on Amazon


“In 2007, I was diagnosed with GERD. My doctor immediately put me on Prevacid. After a few years it stopped working and I was switched to Nexium. In 2011, I met with Craig and I wasn’t prepared for the scope of good advice that he gave me. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after just a few weeks. After four years on acid-blockers I quit taking them and have not felt the need for them since.” – Janice B.

Here is what you’ll discover in Craig’s incredible new book:

  • The little-known root cause to heartburn that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know. (Big Pharma loves to keep us confused about this because antacids are some of the most profitable drugs on the market.) Page 24
  • Exactly how popular drugs like Prilosec, Pepcid and Zantac compromise the acidity of your stomach that can 1.) Interfere with a chemical pathway that signals the stomach to produce acid 2.) Alter the naturally acidic environment in the stomach 3.) Keep you on these drugs for years. Page 22
  • The prominent dentist that traveled the world in the 1930’s to discover the secrets to nutrition. (This amazing dentist studied many different cultures in remote areas of the world and found the “diet connection” that differs greatly from our modern processed diet.) Page 28
  • The BIGGEST nutritional myth of the century and how it wreaks havoc on your health and stomach. (This myth is so big and has been told to you for so long, I guarantee you are going to reject and refuse to believe it the first time you read it.) Page 32
  • Craig’s “quadruple bypass!” The four types of incredibly bad fats that you MUST bypass to achieve good gut health. (The food industry has spent BILLIONS to convince you these fats are healthy and good for you). Page 34
  • The REAL secret behind grains. (Contrary to popular belief, grains are NOT the devil, but you do have to follow one important step when you consume them. Learn what the step is and how to safely eat grains.) Page 37
  • The TRUTH about milk. (Low-fat, skim, whole? The entire subject of milk has become a disaster. Scare tactics, misinformation, even armed raids have resulted over the subject of milk. Finally, a voice of reason to help you wade through the maze of confusion about milk.) Page 45
  • The real reason why your stomach is “bugging” you. (Discover how native cultures preserved foods to populate their stomachs with beneficial bacteria.) Page 53
  • How to soothe and repair your digestive system so that you not only stop heartburn and GERD, but lay the foundation for it to NEVER return. (Follow Craig’s simple 3-Step Plan and find out for yourself.) Page 64
  • Three words on page 65 that will make you want to jump and shout for joy. (I’m not kidding. Craig gives you full permission with these three words.)
  • What the Russians know about making an extremely powerful digestive drink. (And how you can use this drink for a number of health benefits including: treating kidney stones, alkalizing your blood, promoting regularity, aiding digestion and cleansing your liver.) Page 69
  • The one liquid antacid you can consume every day that will soothe digestive disturbances and promote good health. (This liquid antacid can be used if heartburn hits you after a meal.) Page 80

And a whole lot more including…

How to survive in the middle of a “food desert”…The simple “key” to success for eating well… Why you need to forget about meal plans and start using meal ideas… A famous chef’s advice on cooking… the one cookbook everyone needs in their kitchen… and even…

» What you need to know about supplements.

Today’s supplement industry is much like the Wild West. Deceptive health claims, misleading labels and little regulation have led many a consumer down an unhealthy dark path.

For most people reading this book, believe it or not, supplements won’t even be necessary.

“I’d been on an acid-blocker for many years and was about twenty pounds overweight. Craig introduced me to a dietary approach which was almost the exact opposite of what my doctor had been recommending. Not only did my heartburn fade away but so did those excess pounds. Best of all, it was so easy. I never once experienced hunger or cravings.” – Joe K.

Obviously, Craig has helped many to overcome their digestive and stomach problems – and he can help you too.

Part of the problem is the confusion around nutrition and health. Imagine, just a few weeks from now and you could go the entire day without reaching for Tums or taking a prescribed or over the counter drug to stop the pain of heartburn.

Imagine having a meal and not worrying about how it is going to sit in your stomach or how you’ll feel a half hour later.

And one last thing I almost forgot to mention. The steps Craig taught me and are covered in this book are easy. I mean real easy. There is no complicated system of meal planning and eating that you have to follow.

Anyway, if you’re ready for the solution to your heartburn, then this is the book for you. It’s an entertaining and informative book that you’ll enjoy and want to tell your long suffering friends and family about.

Just 30 short days from now, you’ll be glad you found this book.

Order your copy today and get started instantly.

The 30-Day Heartburn Solution is an ebook in PDF format, so you’ll be able to download it right away.

The 30-Day Heartburn Solution - buy on Amazon


All the best,

Eric R. Letendre


  1. Any chance I can get this in paper form? I love my ereader, but I also LOVE paperback books for amazing info like this. Please let me know.

    • Hi Emily, it’s not available as a hard copy yet. You can always print it out yourself though. I’ve done this with many e-books! You can even bring the PDF to a local print shop and they can bind it for you.

  2. Wish this was on Amazon. I’d buy it for sure….but not on a private site. Please publish on Amazon.

  3. Samuel Muri says:

    Dear Craig,
    I have tried to distill from your book (which I printed out a long while ago), some 10 page summary for myself to make it easier to know the
    “how to” on a daily basis but I have never found the time and motivation for it. I will explain in person. But would like to start soon. I have Barrett’s Esophagus and per-cancerous cells in there and so I can’t take it too lightly.
    Would like to have the half hour consultation you once advertised.

    When do you have an opening (early mornings/weekends)?

  4. Hi Craig, I have just read the first four chapters, and have now purchased the book, which I am so looking forward to reading!

    I have been on Nexium 40mg after a powerful dose of antibiotics for H.pylori – I have had H.pylori return twice in as many years. My journey to better health has just begun, and I am enjoying the journey of new discoveries. I hate taking medication, particularly long term. I have read that I can reduce the nexium dose from one tablet a day, to half a tablet, which I have been doing for the past few weeks. However, I want to stop it completely. Am I able to do this immediately without consulting my doctor? Nexium has reeked havoc, causing me to wake at night with aching joints, insomnia, dry mouth and eyes.

    Thank you from sunny Budapest, Hungary.


    • Hi Ange, thanks for purchasing the book. I get this question a lot and I have to emphasize that I’m not a doctor and it’s not my place to tell people when they should stop meds. I always advise people to communicate with their doctors regarding reducing or stopping medications. The book will have info for weaning off acid-blockers.

      • Thank you Craig. I am almost done reading the book. Thrown out many of the hidden evils lurking in my cupboards and will begin the plan today. I feel in control now; less confused about all the things I can’t eat without knowing what I can eat!

  5. I cannot open the 4 free chapters. It is a vcf file and keeps trying to open with outlook and doesn’t really contain any info. Can anyone give me some help on how to open it? I tried notepad and it did not work.

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    are unsure always consult a professional back pain adviser.

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  7. Hi there!
    I began this ‘journey’ at 12 with a debilitating heartburn attack after Pizza & Pepsi on a Church youth outing. By my 20’s, I was using Tums all the time and in my early 40’s just gave up eating until evening when I had finished the day so that my food and stomach acids wouldn’t slip back up my esophagus while exerting or contorting myself at work (construction). By my 50’s, the burning sensation subsided BUT I was often awakened in the night with what felt like a knife twisting in my solar plexus and could only get up and endure the pain until it subsided. That was when I learned to sleep in my recliner. By the time I turned 60, I’d finally broken down and went to the doctor. I was first prescribed omeprazole and later Dexilant; however; at 65 the knife has returned on occasion despite the meds and I’m back in the recliner sometimes. Somewhere along the way, my wife ran across a nutritionist at our local health supply who suggested that I was actually low on HCl which made me laugh…if she felt what I felt – I thought – she’d know better…now I’m wondering if she was right? Has H. Pylori completely taken me over?
    So, I said all that to ask this simple question:
    Is it your opinion, Craig, that anyone and everyone’s heartburn/indigestion/Gastritis/GERD/IBS or whatever gastro-intestinal malady they’ve been told is at the root of their discomfort is solely the result of ‘bad gut’ and/or that no ‘patient’ ever does secrete too much stomach acid?

    In brief – short of buying your book and/or completing your online course – how can I be confident that ‘bad gut’ conditions are my problem rather than an unfortunately weak lower esophageal sphincter and/or a personal propensity to simply produce too much acid? Even more frightening is the possibility that the ‘experiment’ would fail; leaving me writhing in my recliner all night, every night until the Dexilant built up again in my system…Yikes…don’t want to go there!

    Thanks in advance for your time and interest to reply!

    • Hi Woody, sorry for the slow reply. I haven’t been getting my typical email notifications of comments on my blog so I’m only just seeing this. To answer your question, it would be wise to work with a holistic health practitioner like a naturopath who can run some tests to see what’s going on – H.pylori, bacterial imbalances, etc. As for too much acid secretion, hyperchlorhydria, it is possible, but it’s very rare. Very few people secrete too much acid. I’d highly recommend you download the first 4 chapters of my ebook (it’s free and you can do it right here on this page). You’ll read the story of the woman who had exactly your concerns but then started experimenting with some apple cider vinegar. And in my book and program, I emphasize dietary changes first before supplementing. It can’t hurt to try that and see how things go. You might not even need to supplement with HCl or apple cider vinegar.

  8. Hi Craig,
    I have IBS and H.pylori both. I ve just read a comment that apple cider vinegar would heal H.pylori. I cant eat anything sour or spicy taste foods cuz it worsen my IBS and stomach problems with high vibration of muscles. I am taking sulfasalazine and some other medicines for my IBS first for a month and he(my Doc) will take me probably antibiotic for my H.pylori. He recommended me to not eat any vegitables or fruits and milk but I eat sometimes I cant tolerate not eating any fruits:) Just wanna sure if I keep eating fruits ,would the IBS or H.pylori be worse?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello i just read your book. I started The diet today and i am shocked about not needing my second dose of Zantac. All I ate today was eggs for breakfast ground turkey and sparragus for lunch and dinner some broccoli and peanut butter. I have a question though. What r ur thoughts on night shades? Especially tomatoes? Also what’s your take in coffee? How about citrus fruits? All these I was told to eliminate by my GI doctor. I have not had a cup of coffee in a week now. I also avoid night shades and citrus fruits. I didn’t see any improvements with the low acid approach. However I am scared of eating these foods. I would love for you to share your thoughts. Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Carla, nightshades can cause digestive distress for some people but tomatoes more so due to their acidity. Coffee, citrus fruits also fall in that latter category and they can exacerbate heartburn. But as I said in the book, over the long term you may be able to handle some acidic foods again in moderation after things heal. Always go slow though and introduce one food back into your diet at at time and see how you do. Good to hear you’re doing well so far!

  10. varinderjit kaur says:

    hi Craig,
    i am from india..i am not able to buy your book.. tell me any way out.. i really need the book as i am being sufferring from GERD from the last 2 years. :(

  11. i am suffering from gerd. while surfing on internet i came to know its because of low stomach acid.. i was taking 20 mg rabeprazole,, bt nw without any doctors advice i hav stopped the medicine.. hw can i build up my stomach acid.. i am also lactose intolerant. please give me some tips to modify my lifestyle and dietary habits to eliminate reflux.

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